Debts: How To Return Without Them From Vacation?

Debts are synonymous with nightmares for everyone. While most parents celebrate their children’s return to school routine, some begin to organize their much-desired, well-deserved vacation! For those without financial planning, vacations also works as a synonym for debt settlement. But how do you stop this from happening?

Legendary points out some key points to better plan your days off:

What budget is available?


Before you go shopping for promotion tickets and perhaps foreign currencies as well, you need to plan. What budget is available? Of this available amount, how many travel days could you afford? Five days? 13? Two weeks? Understanding the available budget is necessary even before planning.

Budget validated? It’s time to plan!

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The budget has been reviewed and can you afford your dream trip? Wonderful! Now is the time to plan because, as you may know, without planning, you lose more money than you would like. Set a daily goal of what you will use, for example $ 100 / day. This will help you build your travel itinerary without the need for extra travel money. That is, your budget per day will be the amount you set. If it runs out sooner, it is interesting to save the rest of the day so the final budget is not undermined.

In search of the dream package!

To avoid unnecessary debt during your trip, it is essential that you search for the lowest price. Look on the internet and also in places that sell travel packages and try to bargain a discount, with cash payment, for example. Traveling with at least the tickets (whether by plane, ship or bus) paid off is already a security, not to mention that it is less debt to pay on the return.

Use the credit card miles program!

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If your tickets are areas, you can use the frequent flyer program offered by major cards in order to get a discount on them. Or even for free! But remember, the miles program cannot be a recurring excuse for using this additive, let alone in acquiring new debt!

Be careful with the overdraft and rotating card!

Last week we talked about raising the interest rate of overdraft (read more here). These are the two most expensive personal credit lines on the market. So if you are traveling and want to use credit card, beware of revolving credit. For this, if you have more than one credit card, take only one.

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