Pros & cons: take out credit for playing in online casinos?

More and more Austrians are discovering the advantages of online casinos for themselves. While some hobby players only play in play money mode or with very low stakes, some high rollers make the reels of slot machines glow with high stakes. Sometimes the stake is up to 100 dollars per spin. The “0815 player” is, of course, usually very far away from such dimensions of use. But especially at the end of the month, some players consider whether they can invest part of the remaining money in online gambling and maybe increase it. In this context, there may even be a consideration to take out a loan for playing in online casinos. We want to clarify whether this makes sense in the following guide.


Instant credit without credit check – suitable for online casinos?

money loan

It is not uncommon for advertising to offer you an instant loan without major formalities within a few minutes. Often, especially with small loan amounts, credit institutions are not interested in what the money is ultimately used for. It is not uncommon for some borrowers to finance larger purchases, such as a new car or the next vacation trip. Is it therefore perhaps also advisable to take out a loan for playing in the online casino? No, definitely not.

Not only gambling addiction experts only recommend playing within the limits of their own financial means. If you don’t earn much, you only play for a few cents per round. And those who receive a lavish salary can also venture to bet several dollars per round. The golden rule, however, is to only play with money that you have and don’t need for other things. So only gamble for remaining money and estimate beforehand what else you have to spend money for in the current month. Taking out a loan to gamble for money in the online casino is absolutely irresponsible and extremely risky. You also have to remember that you have to recoup the interest and the additional costs for the loan before you can actually make a real profit. If possible, use a loan only for really necessary purchases. As a rule,


The 3 cornerstones for the online casino: Own money, serious casino, attractive payout rates


In order not to cause yourself financial difficulties, you should only play with your own money. The highest possible win rate is also extremely important in order to have the most promising chances of winning. We found a good compilation of online casinos with the best payout ratio on the following website. The return to player rate (RTP) for classic online slot machines is usually 93 to 98%. Experience has shown that the payout ratio for roulette and other table games is slightly higher. Finally, the selected online casino should have a European gaming license if possible. For example, many providers hold an EU license from the Richnow Gaming Authority. Since the so-called Superhigh licenses (SH) have now expired, online casinos cannot currently have an official license from Germany. However, it is planned that licenses for online casinos will be extended. Accordingly, it will be interesting to see how the online gaming market will develop in the future.

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